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Hi! My name is Ann Stewart and as you can tell I surf the web a lot. So I made this site of prettyboys, so you can see some of the best sites to link to and see some nice pictures of beautiful men that I have collected on the web. After your done viewing the pictures go to my link page and you can learn more about what ever pretty boy you like.
Happy Surfing! Surfs Up!

A New Hot Men Prettyboys Blog

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen: I have added a New Hot Men Blog to this site. This will be used to place new men that are wanted to be on the Prettyboys website. If you would like to make a selection for a man to be place on the Prettyboys website you may link to this discussion line and place the name of the man and any information and comments you want on him there. Thank you for your comments and helping me make the best talk website there is. Ann Stewart Site Editor

Ann Stewart
Prettyboys are everywhere on the internet. I myself like to collect pictures of the men I believe make the internet a beautiful place to be. I have made many sites I would like you to take a look at and you may laugh, slobber and drool your way to happiness.
The first site features men like | George P. Bush | HRH Prince Ali of Jordan | Crown Prince Hamzah of Jordan | Jerry and Charlie O'Connell | Prince Felipe of Spain | Bill Hemmer | Dr. Sanjay Gupta | Enrique Igesias and Julio Iglesias Jr. | Pete Sampras | Keanu Reeves | Govenor Rick Perry of Texas | This site is full of Pictures of these delicious men. Just click on to Prettyboys and enjoy the pics.

The next site you should check out is Beautiful CNN Men .This is a comic relief site about Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Bill Hemmer, John King and Kris Osborn. Any women would get a wet mouth from the pics on this page, especially if you love Dr. Gupta on CNN.

Than you should checkout Gett'in Silly With CNN Men that is one silly site of beloved CNN news men.

Than you should check out Infohunks . This page is devoted to all the news men that women or gay men of the world could love.

Than you should check out Nashville Famous Folks Page on this page you will laugh, be happy, and enjoy your time in Nashville with me Ann Stewart I am your host on this site. I would like your comments on what prettyboy you love the most and I would love to make a picture website for you of you favorite person.
Tell us your feelings.
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